For many organisations, being able to plan your technology means that the future can be more efficient and therefore more cost-effective. The ACCORD team includes experts in business systems planning that can help you to significantly increase productivity, streamline workflow and subsequently improve profitability.
We believe it’s a great investment in your organisation’s future success. Initial consultations are free, so do come and talk to us about how we can help you to reach new heights.

Achieving sustainable change in your business is not just about implementing complex systems, it is about a partnership. Combining your will and our professional expertise is the winning formula. Real issues and challenges that cannot be resolved by simply implementing off-the-shelf solutions form the core of our services. Our solutions emerge from a rigorous approach that entails employing our tried and tested methodologies, understanding issues and working to create solutions that fit your needs. We do this in partnership with clients.

Our Consulting practice plays the role of a catalyst in developing a detailed understanding of your business model, key processes and use of technology across the enterprise. Our objective, as your partner, is to create value. In designing solutions, we use our experience to implement business and technological change which is both efficient and effective. The right mix of people, process, technology and quality at Accord-IT helps us deliver this value.

Consulting service offerings are:

  • Information Systems Strategic Planning.
  • Business Process Re-Engineering.
  • Evaluation and Selection of Systems/Vendors.
  • Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.
  • Project Management.