Accord-IT starts by understanding your business, so we can deliver a more efficient way to service, whilst saving money and adding value.

Accord IT main difference is based on 4 Stage business model.

Stage 1

We begin by carrying out a audit of existing IT estate, identifying the overall savings achievable. This full audit allows us to efficiently manage all your business needs for your managed services, supplies and expenditure.

Stage 2

Our experienced and dedicated IT personal will prepare a comprehensive audit document indicating ways in which you can reduce your overheads.  This will include a detailed appraisal of your current situation with a breakdown on all existing vendors, invoices and current expenditure.

Stage 3

Accord-IT will present the detailed IT Audit report and suggestions for costs saving, improvements, process detail etc. to get the final and phased based approach to bring the the change.

Stage 4

Finally Accord-IT associate a dedicated IT account manager who is not just a manager but fully qualified IT engineer who will look after all the needs and works pro-actively. Also the account manager will on agreed interval (monthly, quarterly etc) generate detail reports of Managed IT Services.


What makes us different


Saving Time & Money

  • Reduce vendor numbers
  • Reduce the number of invoices processed
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Streamlining processes

Bespoke Management

  • One monthly invoice
  • Detailed Reports
  • Based on financial/business requirements
  • Scalable & Adoptable

Long-term Strategy & Growth

  • Our current clients
  • Planning and implementing a strategy
  • Delivering ongoing savings
  • Reducing your carbon footprint